Mediterranean Diet Maghreb Cookbook: The Best Maghreb Recipes for Beginners, Quick and Easy for Eating Healthy at Home (Paperback)

Mediterranean Diet Maghreb Cookbook: The Best Maghreb Recipes for Beginners, Quick and Easy for Eating Healthy at Home By Giuseppe Sorrentino Cover Image
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Fuel Your Body with Clean, Healthy Meals and Indulge in the Luxurious and Exotic Flavors of the Maghreb with the Ultimate Mediterranean Maghreb Cookbook

Do you want a complete change of fare from your regular western meals and recipes? Are your taste buds crying out for a culinary adventure to exotic recipes? Do you want to recreate some of the most tastiest and luxurious meals from the historically-renowned "Barbary Coast"?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this cookbook is for you

In this highly unique cookbook, you're going to explore the spices and flavors of the Maghreb, a region that encompasses the northern coast of the African continent.

You'll discover how to source fresh, high-quality ingredients locally without fuss and prepare delectable meals that are guaranteed to please your family and friends.

In the pages of the Mediterranean Diet Maghreb Cookbook, you're going to uncover:

Accessible ingredients: Each and every recipe contained in this cookbook has ingredients you can easily find at your local supermarket, grocery store, or farmer's market without fuss

Loads of mouthwatering recipes: Loaded with a variety of mouthwatering recipes, this cookbook guarantees that you never wonder what to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner ever again

Foolproof cooking instructions: Discover step-by-step cooking and preparation instructions for making amazing Maghreb meals in your own kitchen that are simple and easy to follow

Complete nutritional information: Keep track of your calorie consumption as well as monitor your micro and macronutrient intake effectively with a detailed nutritional profile for each recipe

...and much more

With tons of mind-blowing recipes from Algeria, Libya, and Mauritania to Morocco and Tunisia, this special cookbook brings the best of the Maghreb straight to your dinner table and belongs in the kitchen of every serious and adventurous food lover.

Ready to savor exotic meals from the Maghreb without spending money in expensive restaurants? Click the "Buy Now" button to get started TODAY.

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