Search for Hu (Paperback)

Search for Hu By Jon Tsuei, Steve Orlando, Mike Marts (Editor) Cover Image
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When he left the military, Aaron Tse's first thoughtwas providing for his aging parents. His parents' bar is experiencing hardtimes, and one night it's shot to hell, with his parents critically injured inthe attack.

But this was no ordinary robbery- Aaron's mother reveals that she fled China to escape a blood feud between theJewish and Chinese sides of her family...both of which are powerful organizedcrime families. Peace existed between these two families - the Hu and theMargolis - but now it's been broken, and Aaron must protect his parents fromfurther violence. Aaron hops a plane to the homeland he never intended toexplore, on a path to revenge he never wanted to walk.

Written by Jon Tsuei (Sera and the RoyalStars, RunLoveKill) and Steve Orlando (Martian Man-hunter, Wonder Woman, KILL AMAN, PROJECT PATRON) and drawn by artist sensation Rubine, SEARCH FOR HU is afast-paced, action-packed exploration of complex cultural histories, powered bya bloody family feud.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781949028942
ISBN-10: 1949028941
Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English