Limping with God: Jacob & The Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship (Paperback)

Limping with God: Jacob & The Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship By Chad Bird  Cover Image
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When we look to the Bible for role models in our daily discipleship, we tend to think of Noah’s obedience and David’s bravery. Limping With God: Jacob and the Old Testament Guide to Messy Discipleship posits that we can also look to Jacob.

Jacob seems to be anything but a model disciple, though we can learn a lot from his journey.

He's a trickster, liar, and selfishly ambitious man who fathers children with four women and leads a dysfunctional family rife with jealousy and backstabbing.

But Jacob is also Israel, the namesake of the Old Testament community of God, chosen and blessed. As such, this sinner-saint, who limps along with the Lord, burdened by weakness and beset by problems, is the mirror image of all of us who follow Jesus.

In Jacob’s life we see our lives, our struggles, our failures, and most especially the God who loves us and chooses us as his own. As we explore his bio, from his wrangling in the womb with Esau to his death as an old man in Egypt, we will learn more about ourselves and the God who is with us and for us in Jesus the Messiah.

From the author: “I have entitled this book Limping With God instead of Walking With God or Running With God, not because there would be anything wrong with those metaphors, but because, as Jacob limped away from his famous wrestling match with God, so we all get by on bum hips and bad knees. Following Jesus, we gimp our way down the dark and slippery paths of life. As we do, we discover, ironically, that the longer we follow him, the weaker we become, and the more we lean on our Lord. Finally, at our most mature, our eyes are opened to realize that we’ve never run or walked or even limped a single day of our lives.

“We’ve been on Christ’s shoulders the entire time.”

About the Author

Chad Bird is a Scholar in Residence at 1517. He holds master’s degrees from Concordia Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College. He has served as a pastor, professor, and guest lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew. Chad has authored several books, speaks regularly at conferences and congregations, and cohosts the popular podcast, “40 Minutes in the Old Testament.” Chad and his wife Stacy make their home in Texas, where they have been blessed with four children and three grandchildren.

Praise For…

Limping with God invites readers to a lively trust in the God of Jacob in the face of all that seems to stand in contradiction to God’s promises guaranteed in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Dr. John T. Pless Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Taking us from Jacob's birth to his death, Bird reminds us that we are not alone. The God of Jacob is with us and loves us. Mitchell L. Chase (@mitchellchase) Preaching Pastor Kosmosdale Baptist Church

Limping with God is a book that will leave you encouraged with the reality that the God who is stubbornly merciful and gracious to Jacob is stubbornly merciful and gracious to you as well. Dr. Chris Hulshof Associate Professor of Bible Theology Liberty University

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ISBN: 9781948969833
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Publisher: 1517 Publishing
Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
Pages: 266
Language: English