Pythagoras of Samos: First Philosopher and Magician of Numbers (Paperback)

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Nigel Graddon's exciting new book offers for the first time an in-depth, two-part study of the world's first and most remarkable philosopher. This comprehensive account comprises both the historical and metaphysical aspects of Pythagoras' philosophy and teachings. In Part 1, the work draws on all known biographical sources as well as key extracts from the esoteric record to paint a fascinating picture of the Master's amazing life and work. Topics covered include the unique circumstances of Pythagoras' birth, his forty-year period of initiations into all the world's ancient mysteries, his remarkable meeting with a physician from the mysterious Etruscan community, his establishment of a school at Crotona and its extraordinary teachings both "outer" and "inner," his belief--unique for his time--in the reincarnation doctrine of metempsychosis, his groundbreaking mathematical teachings, and his many influences on thinkers, artists and scientists that came after. Part 2 comprises, for the first time in a publicly available work, a metaphysical interpretation of Pythagoras' Science of Numbers, a powerful system of inner learning that Pythagoras taught only to his most dedicated students.

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ISBN: 9781948803441
ISBN-10: 1948803445
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Publication Date: October 20th, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English