The Norman Factor : Seven keys to living in breakthrough and victory (Paperback)

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Everyone will experience challenges in life. In “The Norman Factor”, speaker and author Ian Borkent weaves powerful storytelling with inspirational and practical teaching, to help Christians live above these challenges rather than beneath them. Discover seven powerful keys to living in breakthrough and victory.

When you read "The Norman Factor" you will:

·      Understand that your response to situations in life is directly linked to  your (spiritual) habits

·      Learn that victory over the impossible is entirely possible but not automatic

·      Get to know seven keys for breakthrough found in God’s Word

·      Be practically empowered to use these keys and experience victory

“Powerful teaching on conquering impossible situations. This book needs to be read.” 
Phil Pringle, C3 Church Founder and author of Faith, You The Leader and Financial Excellence

“This book has real answers, provides real hope, to real trials and challenges.” 
Jurgen Matthesius, Lead Pastor, C3 Church San Diego, USA

These heart-rending stories will both astonish and stir you as you discover again that Christ can empower you to break through impossible situations.”
John Finkelde, Founder, Grow a Healthy Church, Perth, Australia 

This book could actually change the course of your life.
Thierry Moehr, Senior Pastor, C3 Church Lausanne, Switzerland

About the Author

Ian Borkent (Dutch name: Anne Borkent) is the Senior Pastor of C3 Church Arnhem & Nijmegen – a life-giving church in two locations in The Netherlands.

He studied Econometrics and Operational Research at the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam before moving to Sydney, Australia to study Worship & Creative Arts at Hillsong International Leadership College. He received an Advanced Diploma of Ministry there in 2005. 

Ian has worked in leading roles for Dutch companies such as KLM, Ahold and the Vrije Universiteit. He served in an assistant role at C3 Church in Amsterdam before pastoring C3 Church in Arnhem since 2008. He has ministered both nationally and internationally.
Pastor Ian and his wife, Jedidja, serve together in Arnhem, where they live with their two sons (Noah and David) and their daughter (Eva Joy).

* C3 Church Arnhem & Nijmegen is part of C3 Church Global, a global family of over 500 churches worldwide, meeting in cities across every continent. For more information, visit

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ISBN: 9781947165854
ISBN-10: 1947165852
Publisher: NEWTYPE
Publication Date: October 9th, 2018
Pages: 224
Language: English