Captain Barnaby's Helicopter School For Bears (Paperback)

Captain Barnaby's Helicopter School For Bears By Randy Mains, Brian Beausoleil (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Randy Mains, Brian Beausoleil (Illustrator)
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One dark, stormy night a single bolt of lightning struck two things at the same time.

One was a top secret AWACS plane on its final approach to Boeing Field. The huge aircraft was bucking turbulent head winds, heavy rain, and occasional lightning. The other was a trash dumpster behind a fast food place, where a homeless woman was headed to look for any left-over hamburgers. The metal was hot and steaming when she first looked inside.

Suddenly, she saw movement under some newspaper and carefully lifted one corner to see what was under there...

It was a cardboard box full of dead-oh, no Who would do such a thing? But wait-one of them was still alive Its eyes were sparking and cracking like electricity and its hair was standing up all over.

"Don't worry little fella," she said as she picked him up. "I'll get you outta here."

Which is exactly what caused a chain of unusual events events to pop-just like popcorn-from one end of that city to the other.

And his name was Barnaby.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944798925
ISBN-10: 1944798927
Publisher: Summers Island Press
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2023
Pages: 186
Language: English