Raising Don: The True Story of a Spunky Baby Tapir (Hardcover)

Raising Don: The True Story of a Spunky Baby Tapir By Georgeanne Irvine, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press (With) Cover Image
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When Don the tapir was born at the San Diego Zoo, the wildlife care team was ecstatic. He was the first endangered Baird's tapir born at the Zoo in more than 30 years. But Don's mother wouldn't care for her newborn calf. So wildlife care specialists stepped in to ensure the survival of this precious baby tapir.

Don was bottle-fed and cared for around the clock. When he was old enough, caregivers taught him how to swim, a skill that he would have learned from his mother. Don loved splashing in the water as well as getting rubdowns and back scratches. Soon, his team of human friends grew to love Don and his spunky attitude.

When it was time for Don to meet the other animals that shared his home, though, some of them weren't very friendly: they spit on him, made loud noises, and kicked at him. He just made new friends, including his best buddy, a capybara named Bristle.

This is the true story of Don the spunky tapir, who not only survived a rocky beginning to life but also learned to thrive. Don showed that with a confident, spirited attitude, anything is possible, including bringing hope to the future of endangered Baird's tapirs.

Independent Book Publishers Association Gold Medal Winner

About the Author

When Georgeanne "George" Irvine was a child, she slept with a dozen stuffed animals on her bed--a lion, two teddy bears, a tiger, a monkey, and more. It was indicative of what was to come: a lifelong career at the San Diego Zoo as a champion for wildlife and conservation as well as an author of two dozen children's books about animals. Photographing and learning about animals in their native habitats are passions for George. Her worldwide adventures have taken her to many of the wildest places on Earth--from the jungles, mountains, and forests of Asia and South America to the savannas of Africa as well as the Outback of Australia. George has devoted more than 40 years of her colorful career to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where she is director of publishing.

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ISBN: 9781943198146
ISBN-10: 1943198144
Publisher: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Press
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 36
Language: English