Stress & Rocking Chairs: The Safe Money Guide to Retirement (Paperback)

Stress & Rocking Chairs: The Safe Money Guide to Retirement By Chad Owen Cover Image
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Will You Outlive Your Retirement? If You are Not Sure... Then Stop What You are Doing and Read this Book

In today's world, filled with market volatility and economic concerns, people just like you and me--main street Americans--lie awake at night and wonder if they will outlive their retirement.

There are two common killers of seniors that few people realize or talk about... they are Stress and Rocking Chairs. Stress kills because it can cause a variety of health issues that can lead to death. Rocking Chairs kill because some retirees have no money to do anything, and consequently, nothing to live for. For many, the root cause of these two killers are retirement plans and savings accounts being blown up by variable and risk money

In this book, nationally-known retirement planning authority, Chad Owen addresses the many concerns that retirees or those nearing retirement have, and he explains the Risk Money and Safe Money options that are out there. He also addresses the many questions about the different products available, brokers, financial planners, marketing schemes, debt, and many other issues that retirees or those nearing retirement face.

Now is the time to take back control of your retirement, and say no to stress and rocking chairs by learning how to protect, save and grow your retirement income regardless of the economy.

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ISBN: 9781943127863
ISBN-10: 1943127867
Publisher: Emerge Publishing Group, LLC
Publication Date: March 15th, 2018
Pages: 108
Language: English