Math Mammoth Grade 7-B Worktext (Paperback)

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Math Mammoth Grade 7-B Worktext is the student book for the latter half of 7th grade mathematics studies or the latter half of a pre-algebra course (Math Mammoth Garde 7 is a pre-algebra curriculum).

The main areas of study in Math Mammoth Grade 7-B are:

  • ratios, rates, proportions, and percent
  • geometry: angle relationships, compass & ruler constructions, drawing problems, Pi and the area and circumference of a circle, cross-sections formed when cutting solids, surface area, and volume
  • the Pythagorean theorem (optional)
  • probability
  • statistics


  • Math Mammoth focuses on conceptual understanding. It explains the "WHY", so your children can understand the math, not just learn "HOW" to do it.
  • Concepts are often explained with visual models, followed by exercises using those models. These visual models can take the place of manipulatives for many children; however, it is very easy to add corresponding manipulatives to the lessons if so desired.
  • The curriculum is mastery-oriented. This means it concentrates fairly long on a topic, delving into its various aspects. This promotes conceptual understanding, as opposed to spiral curricula that often tend to jump from topic to topic too much.
  • Math Mammoth Grade 7 is, in a sense, a hybrid program. It can be used as a traditional pre-algebra program or as a 7th grade math program that meets and exceeds the Common Core standards. When using it primarily for pre-algebra, you may omit the last chapter of the curriculum (statistics). Otherwise, you may omit the chapter on the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • There is very little teacher preparation required.
  • The curriculum has no separate teacher's manual nor is it scripted. The introduction to each chapter has some notes for the teacher concerning the material in the chapter. All the instruction is written directly to the student in the worktext, and there also exist accompanying videos where you can see Maria herself teach the material.
  • After each chapter introduction, you will find a list of Internet links and resources (games, quizzes, animations, etc.) that can be used for fun, illustrations, and further practice.

This is the full-color version of the worktext.

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ISBN: 9781942715252
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Publisher: Math Mammoth
Publication Date: February 5th, 2016
Pages: 292
Language: English