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The book presents Deep University, the first of its kind. The pocket university is a sort of academic Chipotle with subsidiaries popping up in many countries and in the paradises of this world because of affordable housing. Deep University is creating a network of online and hybrid courses that have a unique characteristic: they promote constructive and creative deep learning. Its programs are created by the students, for the students. The students can name their degrees. Thus Deep University is radically different.

Its marked differences are that (1) it is small - small is beautiful - and everywhere. (2) It is flexible and evolving, based on projects. (3) It is a start-up multiplier. (4) It transcends academic disciplines. (5) It is global yet culturally adaptive. (6) It provides credit transfer. (7) Students have mobility across international campuses. (8) It is community-based.

Deep University has four major characteristics:

  • Quality: Deep learning is quality learning and matches the highest standards
  • Professionalism: We care for our students, they enter a very special network of connections that will last for life
  • Pricing: the price per credit is one of the most affordable on the academic market
  • Style: it proposes a unique campus architecture, a unique instructional design, a unique online environment

Immersing students in a Deep Approach to Higher Education will help change the academia and society at large to:

  • Better understand of how and why self-motivation and self-determined curricula could be the best incentive for deeper learning,
  • Develop transdisciplinary topics helpful to society, create motives, templates and incentives for self-directed learning and self-determination,
  • Empower students to build their curriculum and customized degrees by scaffolding possibilities and making instruction flexible,
  • Emphasize the deep learning process rather than pre-determined outcomes,
  • Encourage customized, peer-oriented, collaborative and project-based learning by focusing on culture, deep knowledge construction in practice, value creation and social action,
  • Consider knowledge as story-telling about life, and
  • Use formative, deep evaluation of integrated skills.
  • Focus on value creation and an ethics of action: highlight critical issues related to the respect of the Other and of the variety of perspectives, the perception of status and potential discrimination, the colonial mindset and social justice, and human rights for peace building.

The book presents the business plan of Deep University, its unique architecture, and the concept of constructive Small Private Hybrid Online Course (cSPHOC).

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ISBN: 9781939755261
ISBN-10: 1939755263
Publisher: Deep University Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 2017
Pages: 304
Language: English