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Over a morning, you can tend to your garden, paint a room, watch the morning news repeat its talking points. Over a morning, you can do the laundry or visit the doctor for a check-up; you can run errands. Over a morning, you can stop a school in its track, or lockdown an AP English class. Over a morning, you can get revenge.

Green Hill is a small, ordinary Pennsylvania town where nothing ever happens until the morning a shocking act of violence crushes its normalcy. One morning the school is interrupted by the frantic announcement calling for a lockdown. AP English teacher, Mike Zarlapski, swings into action, following the lockdown procedures. Although his students help pile as many desks in front of the classroom door as possible, their panic is not allayed as they communicate with what is now the outside world first-in responders, police entering the building, and the shooters who remain at large via cellphone.

Internal Lockdown, Ernie Quatrani's, first novel is raw, honest, and his most important story. Although it's his first, the book is told in a straightforward style from different viewpoints, but mostly through the lens of the kids locked in the classroom. Before there was Columbine, a student Mr. Quatrani taught murdered a classmate in a biology lab. The student walked out of the high school after deciding against shooting up the cafeteria. Mr. Quatrani was in the cafeteria proctoring a study hall. As a high school teacher, he functioned in a world where lockdown drills became routine, but there was much more to a lockdown than can be imagined, as Internal Lockdown reveals. The novel is based on his unfortunate experience and years of research.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781939665652
ISBN-10: 1939665655
Publisher: Prodigy Gold Books
Publication Date: October 30th, 2018
Pages: 354
Language: English