Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide: The Secrets to Growing a Natural Marijuana Garden (Paperback)

Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide: The Secrets to Growing a Natural Marijuana Garden By S. T. Oner Cover Image
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As unnerving as the unpredictable elements can be, the great outdoors is the best place to grow anything, even somewhat high-maintenance plants like marijuana. With all the things that can go wrong in cannabis cultivation, climate-controlled indoor growing might seem like the safer option, but S.T. Oner's Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide proves that notion wrong. Plus, what gardener doesn't want to brag about their all-natural grow? Carefully stripped down to the need-to-know basics, the Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide aims to make outdoor growing easy for first-time growers. This book is for the hobbyist looking to grow a couple of plants in the backyard, so it avoids the more complex and discouraging issues of large-scale growing and is far more comprehensible for it. While some books aim to appeal to every level of expertise, the Outdoor Grower's Guide keeps it simple and straightforward, even when approaching some of the more advanced techniques such as cloning. S.T. Oner starts readers off with the pros and cons of different growing locations and ultimately demonstrates that a natural environment results in the best grow, even if it requires some patience and planning. However, growers are not alone in the planning process as Oner guides readers through every consideration they need to make, from strains and seeds to the best growing sites and set-ups. Oner also considers the potential security risks of growing marijuana outdoors, and gives raiders the tools necessary for concealing their cannabis cultivation -- and more importantly their harvesting. With all of the preparation advice out of the way, Oner provides readers with additional guidance through the germination process as well as some tips on how to best care for young marijuana plants, such as watering and pruning methods. Keeping in line with the goal of an all-natural grow, Oner supplies readers with some natural methods of pest control, including using companion plants, using predators as deterrents, or even making an organic insecticide Readers don't need to have experience in looking for the fine differences in detail of bird plumage or be familiar with flower anatomy in order to sex their plants either, thanks to S.T. Oner's thorough walk-through of the sexing process and the guide's detailed photographs. Since this is a rather significant step in cannabis cultivation, at least if growers want to enjoy the fruits of their labour, it is a relief for beginners to have such in-depth guidance. Oner's thoughtfulness remains obvious as he gives readers tips on how to avoid or address some of the challenges of growing, and how to increase plant vitality. The issues that growers would likely find most concerning about growing outdoors, such as protecting the plants from wind or excess water from storms, are well-addressed without overcomplicating the issue for small-time growers looking to lessen the stress. Even when providing guidance on more advanced issues like cloning, Oner avoids pushing the reader too far. He keeps explanations simple and to the point so that readers can get the best possible plants for their little garden. Solutions to potentially complex problems like nutrient disorders are also provided in a way that is easy to understand. Every aspect of the Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide is designed to keep complications to a minimum and increase the pay-off for inexperienced growers looking to start small.

About the Author

Author of the fabulous Marijuana Chef Cookbook, S.T. Oner is a multi-talented individual with experience in both growing and cooking cannabis. For the last ten years, S.T. Oner has been growing marijuana at several undisclosed locations in California in order to produce safe, all-natural marijuana to add zest to his favorite recipes. A master chef and former catering assistant to the best hair bands of the 80s, S.T. Oner spent several years consulting for the biggest ice cream company in the world. Now that marijuana has been legalized in several countries, he is working with an international confectionary company looking to modernize its products in order to appeal to a younger audience. He brings a simplicity of direction and expertise to this book as he has to all his previous endeavours as a cook.

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Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
Pages: 144
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