Marijuana 101: Professor Lee's Introduction to Growing Grade a Bud (Paperback)

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By Lee
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Marijuana cultivation can be a complicated and therefore intimidating process, but Professor Lee's Marijuana 101 breaks it down into easy-to-understand steps with a personal touch. This thoughtful book reads like an informal beginner's study guide for an "Introduction to Growing" course run by a professor who had a decade of experience in growing, with helpful chapter summaries, a glossary of terms to learn, and lots of tips and side-notes, this is the one textbook you don't want to skim through. There is a lot of information for new marijuana growers to take in, which can make starting out difficult. What strain is the best to start with? Where should you grow it? What kind of equipment do you need? What pests do you need to look out for? Mistakes in the growing process can be not only personally frustrating, but costly with the amount of equipment needed to grow marijuana indoors. Plus, growing marijuana can have legal ramifications if the grower isn't careful about keeping it concealed. Luckily, Professor Lee has thought of everything. The first half of Marijuana 101 focuses on guiding readers through all the considerations they need to make before they start growing their green. This is especially important for beginner growers because it will cut down on frustrating and costly trial and error. Lee also helps cut down on costs with DIY options for potentially pricey equipment, such as the sections on how to create your own carbon air filter and hydroponics. In potentially the most important section of the book, Lee covers how to keep your garden a secret. With advice on how to disguise your movements and hide your activity from nosy neighbors and discreetly dispose of waste, Lee provides readers with the tools to protect themselves without judgement. The second half of the book focuses on the actual growing process, harvesting and cloning. From sprouting to floral growth, the entire growth cycle is covered in detail with photos for each stage to ensure readers know what they are meant to be looking for. The harvesting and storage section contains step-by-step guides and in-depth explanations on how to ensure that all the reader's work doesn't go to waste at the end. Even the revered cloning process is made more comprehensible in Professor Lee's straightforward explanation. No detail is too small for Professor Lee to comment on, whether it is the pros and cons of different garden locations or the methods of cleaning your containers, readers will never feel lost or confused --which is definitely more than can be said for most textbooks. Lee's personal experience with growing means he is well aware of the challenges of marijuana cultivation, especially as a beginner, and he does an excellent job preparing readers to face those challenges with a combination of preventative measures and tips to help recover from mistakes without too much additional hassle.

About the Author

Professor Lee grew up in Texas, where he honed his growing skills despite the challenging dry heat. With the legalization of medical marijuana in California, he joined many growers in moving to the Golden State where he found a welcoming community of like-minded growers. In addition to growing his own marijuana, he worked with several non-profit dispensaries helping them to start their own gardens and offering free consultations for patients who wanted to be able to grow their medicine themselves. He has been a frequent contributor to magazines like High Times and for 10 years wrote the Professor Lee Q&A column for Weed World. With his book Marijuana 101 his aim is to demystify the process of cultivating marijuana and ensure that everyone who wants to grow their own has the right information to realize their goals.

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Publication Date: April 11th, 2023
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