The Evergreen Devotional New Testament Ednt: C.A.F.E. Edition (Hardcover)

The Evergreen Devotional New Testament Ednt: C.A.F.E. Edition By Hollis L. Green Cover Image
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The New Testament is a document designed to guide believers in their relationship with God and their behavior toward others. This Evergreen Devotional New Testament (EDNT) is the result of 42 years of labor translating NT Greek into a common devotional language. It is a candid rendering presented in chronological order by books in five sections. This devotional text is true to the original language, but is easy to read and understand. Scripture means exactly what the first person who heard it understood it to mean, not what culture, tradition, or translators interpret the words to mean. Since most versions of scripture are academic, they have less devotional value. Getting a sense of the original intent in a common language provides an improved devotional understanding of the inspired text and will enable believers to remain evergreen with daily renewal. C.A.F.E. (Community and Family Education) is designed for families in the community and to develop leadership for the local church, strengthen families, and equip believers for faith-based lifestyle service in the community. C.A.F.E. has two tracks: 1) Bible study track (using EDNT) for basic New Testament content and 2) d104book track for practical ministry and community service.

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ISBN: 9781935434283
ISBN-10: 1935434284
Publisher: Global Educational Advance, Inc.
Publication Date: January 31st, 2012
Pages: 434
Language: English