Wall Street Investing for Beginners: A Newbie's Guide to Investing in the Stock Market and Get Paid (Paperback)

Wall Street Investing for Beginners: A Newbie's Guide to Investing in the Stock Market and Get Paid Cover Image
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Are you looking to invest money in the stock market but not sure of how to get started?
Then read below.

The stock markets are a collection of markets and exchange, where issuing and trading of equities of public listed companies, bonds, other securities through formal exchanges or over the counter markets. It involves buying and selling shares and securities to generate capital. The stock exchange market is what made Warren Buffet super rich. If you are able to monitor the situation of the securities and their patterns with time, you can truly make a fortune that can last you several lifetimes. This book aims at showing you how to take advantage of the stock exchange market and mint millions from the few thousand dollars stuffed under your mattress or that you have saved in the bank. The stock market was once thought to be a thing for the elite class but things have changed now. The stock exchange market is a great business opportunity for every citizen of planet earth.
The reason for companies trading their stocks is to generate enough capital to facilitate their business operations to a whole new level expanding their market reach and increasing profit income. As a prospective investor, you have to buy floating shares or stocks at a lower rate and hold onto them until the stocks experience a boom and their prices go up. At this point, you can sell your shares at a higher rate than you bought them making a considerable amount of profit. Some of the best investors in the stock market make millions of dollars from one trade This book aims at making you wealthy and rich by trading in the stock market.
Here's What Is Included:

  • Basics of Stock Investing
  • Picking Winners and Losers in the Market
  • Dividend Investing
  • Value Investing
  • Long Term Trading
  • Short Term Trading
  • Different Trading Techniques
  • How to Get Started?

The sooner you start investing, the better off you will be.

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ISBN: 9781922300720
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Publisher: George Pain
Publication Date: August 7th, 2019
Pages: 56
Language: English