The Infinite Tree & The Rivers of Time: Time, Experience, & The Foundations of Reality (Paperback)

The Infinite Tree & The Rivers of Time: Time, Experience, & The Foundations of Reality Cover Image
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Somewhere near the heart of existence, shimmers the ethereal beauty of the mystery of Time. Though seemingly familiar to us all, time harbours secrets that penetrate the very deepest levels of reality, and though we feel certain in our conviction that it sweeps us forth upon the crest of its never-ending flow, with Einstein's discovery of relativity came what is perhaps the most stunning realisation in the entire history of scientific thought - the wondrous and breathtaking revelation that in reality, there's actually no such thing as the passage of time...

How can this extraordinary truth be reconciled with the reality we so surely suppose to experience? What does it mean for the very human concerns of life and death, free will, identity, and self? What should it mean for our philosophy? And how should it inform our world view?

The search for answers leads through the fantastical realm of quantum physics, and the strange parallel worlds it describes, as we discover that the answers which such questions provoke, are perhaps more profound than the questions themselves.

Buried deep within the riddle of time, lies the staggering beauty of the world. As we peel back the layers to try and sneak a glimpse into eternity, we find a light shining not only upon the nature of reality, but on the nature of ourselves...

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ISBN: 9781919629421
ISBN-10: 1919629424
Publisher: Shadowlands Media
Publication Date: August 12th, 2021
Pages: 312
Language: English