IGNITE! The Firefly Theory: Simplify the Path to your Child's Happiness, Health and Development (Paperback)

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Parenting becomes less scary and overwhelming when we understand the health and development of our children. This beautifully illustrated, clinician-reviewed book is the proverbial needle in the haystack - a profound new parenting unicorn. Instead of empty promises and cookie-cutter solutions for health, developmental and behavioural challenges, it opts to empower parents to collaborate with their support communities in developing workable strategies. Delivering hard science with compassion, it supports development and health literacy before and after birth and provides a universal model that can be applied in different ways for optimal nervous system development and immune priming in all children, but those with special needs in particular.

The book offers guidance for:

- Improving your health literacy for sound decisions before and after birth.

- Discovering why genetics are not your child's only developmental and healthy destiny.

- Developing a collaborative strategy with healthcare providers to prevent and counter adverse developmental and health events.

- Understanding the value of different therapies.

- Supporting all children in reaching their full potential.

Written by Alda Smith, a mother searching for ways to support her son with debilitating dyspraxia DCD, apraxia, and ADD, IGNITE The Firefly Theory is the result of an eight-year journey of personal experience and research in the hopes of finding a simplified model that would bridge the gap between parenting, educational and healthcare communities.

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ISBN: 9781919619927
ISBN-10: 1919619925
Publisher: Kinderfli Healthworks Ltd
Publication Date: June 28th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English