Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru (Hardcover)

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The incredible true story of how a few hundred Spanish Conquistadors invaded and conquered the millions-strong Inca Empire of South America, a tale so incredible that if it had not actually happened, might well be considered an unbelievable work of fiction.

Led by Francisco Pizarro-who was already over 50 years of age at the start of his adventures-the Conquistadors, who never numbered more than 500 men, along with native allies and confederates, used a combination of weapons, horses, and superior military tactics to overcome Inca armies which were at least tens of thousands strong.

Using a gripping narrative style, this book tells of the failed first attempts to invade the Inca empire, the seizure of the Incan emperor Atahulpa, the infamous "gold ransom" and the Emperor's execution. The final battles around the city of Cuzco then followed, which ensconced the Spanish conquerors in what became the country of Peru.

Pizarro's tale did not however end there: in keeping with the Conquistadors' brutal behavior, the conquerors then fell out with one another, and almost all of the original expedition's leaders-Pizarro included-were murdered by other Spaniards.

This work remains one of the finest retellings of the incredible adventures of the most famous Conquistador in South America. This new edition has been completely reset, contains all the original illustrations, and a new index.


Authorities on Francisco Pizarro

I: In the Land of Poisoned Arrows

II: With Balboa in Darien

III: Sailing the Unknown Sea

IV: The Desperate Adventurer

V: Success in Sight at Last

VI: An Appeal to the Crown

VII: On the Peruvian Frontier

VIII: A Glance at the Peruvians

IX: A March to the Mountains

X: In the Inca's Stronghold

XI: How Atahuallpa was Captured

XII: The Prisoner and his Ransom

XIII: The Inca and his Murderers

XIV: In the Heart of Peru

XV: In the City of the Sun

XVI: Quarrels of the Conquerors

XVII: The Inca Raises His Standard

XVIII: The Downfall of Almagro

XIX: How Pizarro was Assassinated


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