Autism Spectrum Disorder & Narcissism Personality Disorder (Paperback)

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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Narcissism Personality Disorder Bundle

Autism Spectrum Disorder:

This book is a highly informative, easy-to-read, clear and simple summary of what parents need to know about Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's, and the behavioral and emotional challenges that come along with them.

There are many challenges involved in raising a child with autism, including obsessive behaviors, lack of social skills, and sensory sensitivity.

This book will help parents deal with these problems and teach the child new, positive alternatives to live better.

This book will teach you about:

  • The current understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Understanding the Child

  • Diagnosis and how to deal with it

  • Sensory interaction

  • Social skills and how to learn them

  • How to teach children with autism

  • How to train a child with autism

  • Increasing your child's coping skills

  • Reducing your child's stress

  • Maximizing education in play time

  • How to manage time and scheduling

  • Interacting with others


There is a vast difference between someone exhibiting narcissistic traits and someone afflicted with actual NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In addition, other disorders can seem similar to NPD. We'll show you what to look for so you can tell the difference.

In Narcissism: Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder, we'll explore how one becomes a narcissist, and what happens to a person that suddenly robs them of empathy--a trait directly tied to our humanity.

This book can be especially helpful to those who are already in a relationship with a narcissist, because if you or someone you know is, it can be hard to determine what's real and what's been fabricated by moment after moment of devastating psychological and emotional abuse

How can you protect yourself or a loved one from falling victim to a narcissist? Narcissism: Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder can help you gain the knowledge necessary to survive the devastating results of narcissistic, emotional abuse. You'll learn what to look for in determining if someone is, in fact, a narcissist.

  • Understand the difference between the various types and sub-types of narcissism, including which ones are the most dangerous.

  • Learn to recognize the red flags of an impending toxic relationship and how a narcissist will do anything to draw you into their web of lies.

  • Take a closer look at narcissistic families and the effects they have on children, as well as how children can cope with the abuse later in life.

  • Learn how to navigate an emotionally abusive relationship with your reality and your sanity intact, until you have the chance to escape from it.

  • Get an inside look at how a narcissist thinks and operates.

  • Understand the differences between a healthy relationship and a potentially toxic one.

  • Learn the differences between other personality disorders and narcissism, and how one can be grown out of while narcissism is usually permanent.

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