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City-state Greece and nation-state Europe were civilisations of a special kind. Historical and geographical conditions favoured, in both cases, the development of intense local patriotisms. These ruled out any possibility of federal unity in Greece and will probably have the same effect in Europe. Britain is one of the countries most adversely affected by EU ambitions. We are peripheral, whereas Germany and France are dominant owing to their centrality and for political, economic and cultural reasons.

The EU's apparent willingness to use mass immigration and multiculturalism to subvert European civilisation, and to gain control for a self-enriching Eurocratic elite, has alarmed countries in Eastern Europe as well as Great Britain. The brutal imposition of the Euro has impoverished countries in Southern Europe. In a shrinking world Europe is relatively small, central and vulnerable. Mass population growth (the elephant in the room) could turn Europe into one of the cockpits of the 21st century. Britain, like ancient Athens, will be better off if she makes her own decisions and goes her own way. She would then moreover regain control of her borders.

Orwell's 'England Your England', published in 1941, enables us to make interesting comparisons with Farage's England now. The furtive, unpatriotic, 'left-wing intelligentsia' shown by Orwell has gained status, political power and influence by way of television satire programmes and the labour party. Our current political elite seems not to wish to rule in its own country. After 1945 an unnamed British civil servant suggested that our policy should be about 'the management of decline'. Perhaps unnamed advisers of Blair and Cameron (AKA Son of Blair) proposed that the country should be given away. Their actions were not inconsistent with such an aim.

Instead of promoting a United States of Europe the EU seems to be setting itself up as a separate state with its own military aspirations and realpolitik. The EU's appeal to the greed of elites has provided it with vociferous supporters in every state. Such ardent EU acolytes are homeland traitors. We should get a grip, get Brexit and put the 'Great' back into Great Britain.

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