Thinkers of the Islamic World: A journey through key scientific and literary texts (Paperback)

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The intellectual golden age of the Islamic world saw the translation and renewed study of classical Greek thought, which had been lost in Western Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire. Works of great scholarship in areas such as logic, philosophy, mathematics, medicine and geography were produced, critiquing and developing ideas of classical antiquity. Philosophical ideas developed by thinkers like Plato and Aristotle influenced not only scientific thought in the Islamic world but also the idea of existence and consciousness. These philosophical debates translated into exceptional works of poetry that we still find relevance in today. The selection of early manuscripts from the 13th and 14th centuries onward provides tangible proof of the intellectual vitality of the Islamic world and its far reaching influence. The refined quality of these manuscripts- their extremely neat textual frames, illuminated headings and accurate diagrams are testament to the important place that scientific exploration and the voyage of human thought occupied in elite circles and beyond. The catalog also contains examples of everyday literary expression from the 9th century, with the inclusion of an archive of early paper and papyrus fragments. Dating to the 18th century is a collection of manuscripts compiled by an intellectually curious administrator in the service of the British East India Company. This is a unique insight into the very first effective European discovery of Islamic thought right at the beginning of the colonial era. Through some exceptional manuscripts and documents, this catalog provides a fascinating taste of literary life of the Islamic world, from the everyday payment of taxes and love letters on papyrus to great works of poetry and literary insight, not to mention groundbreaking science and philosophy.

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