Blowing The Whistle: The Psychology of Football Refereeing (Paperback)

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The football referee. Charged with controlling the players and enforcing the laws of the most popular and passionate game on the planet, they are often alone and always outnumbered. They ply their trade in the face of competitive athletes and a partisan crowd, all desperate to sway judgments in their favour. Along with players and coaches, they are the only people who can influence the result of a football match, yet despite such importance, there are many questions.

- Are referees influenced by the crowd?

- Do referees favour the home side?

- Do 'big name' players and managers get treated differently?

- Are referees arrogant?

- Why would anyone want to be a referee?

- Do we really trust the referee?

- Do we neglect the mental health of referees?

- How can a referee prepare psychologically for a game?

In Blowing the Whistle: The Psychology of Football Refereeing, these questions, and more, are answered.

Meticulously researched and written by leading authority Stuart Carrington, a multitude of views from the terraces, the media, academic studies, and referees themselves are brought together to bust myths and shine a light on the misunderstood, rarely appreciated, and often vilified individuals who are central to the beautiful game. Vital lessons from psychology are explored to ensure no stone is left unturned in finally understanding: what is it really like to referee a football match?

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ISBN: 9781911121626
ISBN-10: 1911121626
Publisher: Dark River
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 300
Language: English