Early Slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, 1652-1717 (Hardcover)

Early Slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, 1652-1717 By Karel Schoeman Cover Image
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The first slave reached the Cape in 1653, a year after the first white settler party under Jan van Riebeeck. Thousands more would follow. Slavery was to remain an institution here until the end of the Dutch period in 1795, and well beyond, for it was not until 1834, under British administration, that Cape slaves were finally emancipated. In Early Slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, Karel Schoeman describes the transplanting of slavery from the Dutch colonies in the East and the first sixty years of its development under local conditions, basing his account mainly on contemporary sources and providing as much information on individual slaves and their lives as these allow. Attention is likewise given to the gradual manumission of slaves and the slow development of a 'free black' community at the Cape towards the close of the seventeenth century.

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Publication Date: March 1st, 2012
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