Before the Midnight Child (Alone #9) (Paperback)

Before the Midnight Child (Alone #9) By Fabien Vehlmann, Bruno Gazzotti (Artist) Cover Image
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In the arenas, the Campton kids have won their 'citizenship' of the In-Between-World's strange society. Now free to come and go as they please, they've left town for the mountains, following Dodzi without really knowing why. When the young boy explains to them that he is in fact trying to discover whether he is the herald of Evil - the Midnight Child - a violent dispute ensues. Meanwhile, hidden nearby, the soldiers of the First Families await an opportunity to attack...

About the Author

Fabien Vehlmann got into comics by flooding Spirou Magazine with proposed scripts until he was accepted. Since then he's proven his mettle with such hits as Green Manor and a Spirou one-off, before becoming in 2009 the new official team for Dupuis' flagship series with Yoann. Bruno Gazzotti started by doing odd jobs at Spirou Magazine, eventually becoming Tome and Janry's assistant on Little Spirou. In 1990 he takes over the art on SODA, a highly successful series that will make him a household name.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781849184106
ISBN-10: 1849184100
Publisher: Cinebook Ltd
Publication Date: November 7th, 2018
Pages: 48
Language: English
Series: Alone