Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run: From Common Man to Ironman (Paperback)

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This book is both a lesson in true grit and determination, but its goal is one that is attainable. Andy isn't a sporting superstar, he holds down a 9-5 job and all the pressures that go with it; he isn't blessed with speed and talent; there are no multi-million pound sponsorship deals; yet this remarkable "common man" is inspiring in a way that some of today's sporting superstars have forgotten how to be. You wouldn't recognize Andy in the street, yet his story provides valuable lessons to us all: "Never give up" and "Anything is possible." Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run follows Andy Holgate's epic journey from being an overweight librarian to an Ironman triathlete. Before he could even begin the rollercoaster ride which amassed more punctures than Andy cares to remember, this would-be Superman had first to buy a second-hand bike and take swimming lessons. Along the way, he ended up in hospital, dealt with family crises, encountered crocodiles and deadly amoebas, and persuaded his friends that doing an Ironman event is what normal people do on their stag weekend. This is the inspirational, amusing and moving story of how one normal bloke learnt how to fall off a bike and not injure himself, to run a marathon despite two dodgy knees, and most importantly how not to drown.

About the Author

Andy Holgate is 37 years old and lives in Lancaster. After less than 18 months' training, in 2007 he completed his first Ironman distance race, The Big Woody. He walked down the aisle a week later and married Emma, who continues to be an Ironwidow. In 2009 Andy completed his second Ironman in Germany in a time of 12hrs 57m 21s.

Praise For…

“A great book! Andrew Holgate claims he ‘Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run,’ but he can certainly write. His book is filled with terrific lessons on living life to its fullest.”—Dean Karnazes, ultramarathon runner and author of The New York Times bestselling book, Ultramarathon Man

“Trying to be as fit and as fast as you can all the time it is very easy to get wrapped up in your own little world so it was nice to be given a wider sense of the sport and be reminded the real reason and power of sport; to inspire enjoyment in activity. Thanks for a great read.”—Alistair Brownlee, ITU World Triathlon Champion

“[Holgate’s] book dispels many of the reservations that can initially prevent people from taking up any form of physical activity and shows us how sport can not only be a positive step towards physical well being but also can be rewarding for the mind and soul.”—Catriona Morrison, winner of World Duathlon Long Distance Championships in 2007 and 2008

“Andy Holgate is the Bill Bryson of the Triathlon World. Quite simply, I LOVED this book.”—

“This is not just a story for triathletes, it’s a great book for anyone struggling with life and looking for some sunlight.”—

“This book shows the reality that triathlon is accessible to anyone. This story would make a great television show as well as being a great book.”—The Simon Gowen Triathlon Show

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ISBN: 9781848187436
ISBN-10: 1848187432
Publisher: Know the Score
Publication Date: June 1st, 2011
Pages: 240
Language: English