A Millennial handbook, Pandemics and the new normal (Paperback)

A Millennial handbook, Pandemics and the new normal By I. Toy Sushi Cover Image
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This book is a personal rant rather than, an academic study, by a Polymath.

The book outlines a new normal, were Brexit is still having an impact on the UK and its relationship with the EU. Were government have created so much money, that the GDP or debit to GBP of a nation is no to be considered in the same way as five years ago. This book evaluate from a certain perspective the costs of disease and war. Yes it a very western view.

Both war and the pandemic have news fake news and counter claim. However neither side looks at either the financial cost or the human cost. Both sides are hell bent on the results. This book highlights and explores the costs of both.

This book is a updated version from the 2018 book. The author honestly did not expect in just over two years things to happy as they have Globally. The author planned this book on the first trip to Ukraine in 2020, based on the forth coming information from China. The author did not expect to travel to Ukraine on two further visits, or the pandemic to unfold in such a way. Will Mr Putin be invited to the Hague on war crimes and the money from central banks owned by Russia be repatriated to pay to rebuilding cost? This is unknown and not covered in this book.

This book starts to challenge what might be considered normal, however offers facts NOT answers.

2022 is the start of things to come? Is the value of life being degraded to a commodity?

Conflicts in 2022, include Ukraine, Republic of Mali, Afghanistan, Taiwan,

Abu Dhabi and others.

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ISBN: 9781846931963
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Publisher: Chipmunka Publishing
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English