Babylon (Alexander’s Legacy #4) (Hardcover)

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Seize the city.
Win the East.

Alexander the Great's sudden death has left his empire in chaos. The bodies of great men lie sizzling on funeral pyres, leaving their grieving widows to avenge them. His leading generals are scattered across different provinces from Athens to the Nile, but each is hungry to regain power over the whole domain. Alliances and betrayals are rife, and if one man gains an advantage, the others will not hesitate to plot his downfall.

Mobilizing their troops, the men cross deserts and seas, all marching in a single direction: towards the golden gates of Babylon. This legendary city is the key to the East, and its victor will gain untold treasures and power. But it will take more than a hero to claim it - maybe even the son of a god...

Babylon is the fourth book in a huge, brutal and bloodthirsty series about the fight to regain Alexander the Great's empire after his untimely death. Let the battles begin...

Praise for Robert Fabbri: "A powerful retelling of one of the most dramatic events in ancient history."--BBC History 

About the Author

Robert Fabbri has worked in film and TV for 25 years as an assistant director, including on productions such as Hornblower, Hellraiser, Patriot Games, and Billy Elliot. He is the author of the Vespasian series.

Praise For…

"Fabbri does an admirable job of marshalling his characters and leavens the dark politics with wit and action." —Antonia Senior on To The Strongest, The Times

Product Details
ISBN: 9781838956097
ISBN-10: 1838956093
Publisher: Corvus
Publication Date: April 1st, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: Alexander’s Legacy