How to Improve Your Working Memory: Unlock Your Unlimited Memory to Memorize Everything You Read and Hear, Apply Creative Visualization and Associatio (Learning How to Learn #3) (Paperback)

How to Improve Your Working Memory: Unlock Your Unlimited Memory to Memorize Everything You Read and Hear, Apply Creative Visualization and Associatio (Learning How to Learn #3) Cover Image
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I know that the amount of books that are invading online markets around the world is enormous

Each author of each book claims to have the right tricks to offer so that he can clean up his working memory and expand his ability.

I don't pretend anything like revolutionizing your working memory with a single overnight listening.

This book aims to provide listeners with practical information and realities based on the functions of working memory.

The authors of these books try to persuade people about the number of topics they have crammed in the book to offer listeners variety. There is no shortage of booksellers who try to pack up an overwhelming number of topics in the book, and when the time comes to explain each of them in detail, they seem to be in a rush. They keep filling in all the chapters with short and sometimes irrelevant details. Some details are not irrelevant, but they appear to be so because the authors couldn't fully explore the topic and do justice to it.

This book contains major topics that underwent in-depth research and creativity on the part of the author to bring out the best content available on the topic of working memory. Unlike other authors, this author wrote this book with a focus on quality instead of the quantity of the material.

This book attempts to discuss the topic of working memory in detail so that listeners can fully grasp this concept and also go on to apply what they have learned in their practical lives.

Let's see what this book has for you:

  • How working memory works
  • Why is working memory so important
  • Relationship between working memory and focus
  • Sensory memory
  • Short-term or working memory
  • Long-term memory
  • An overview of different types of memory
  • Working memory and cognitive load
  • Attention and working memory
  • Factors affecting attention building
  • Voluntary attention
  • Non-voluntary attention
  • Involuntary attention
  • Attention crisis in the modern world
  • What factors affect memorization?
  • Why is it beneficial to have a photographic memory?
  • How eidetic memory works?
  • How photographic memory works?
  • Is it possible to develop a photographic memory?
  • How to develop photographic memory
  • Visualization and creation of mental images
  • How to visualize
  • Visualization of your goal
  • Overlapping circles
  • Mind-mapping
  • XYZ coordinate system
  • Some additional exercises
  • Memory and association
  • How to memorize lists?
  • Hone your skills of creating mnemonics
  • Numbers and dates
  • How to memorize dates?
  • How to memorize numbers?
  • Eidetism and synesthesia

This book will teach you how you can change your life and the lives of loved ones simply by understanding the nature, behavior, and function of working memory. You will be able to memorize the information acquired through creative visualization and association techniques carefully described in this book.

So what are you waiting for? Try to use this information for your personal and professional growth.

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ISBN: 9781838264314
ISBN-10: 1838264310
Publisher: Digital Publishing M&l Ltd
Publication Date: October 21st, 2020
Pages: 204
Language: English
Series: Learning How to Learn