Chair Yoga For Seniors: The Only Chair Yoga For Seniors Program You ll Ever Need (The New You) (Paperback)

Chair Yoga For Seniors: The Only Chair Yoga For Seniors Program You ll Ever Need (The New You) By Daniel Mason Cover Image
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Increase your flexibility, and decrease everyday stress no matter your age with The New You: The Only Chair Yoga for Seniors Guide You'll Ever Need You're probably asking yourself, 'Why Would I Ever Start Chair Yoga?'The New You will help you:

  • Drastically Improve Your Balance, Minimising The Risk of Falling
  • Enhances Your Mental Clarity to Promote Relaxation and Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety
  • It Improves Your Flexibility and Mobility to Help Boost Your Joint Movement and Relieve Inflammation
  • Builds Stamina and Strengthens Muscles to Promote Weight Loss
  • Ease Tension in Your Muscles for A Pain-Free Life

93% of The New You readers report seeing results within the first 12 days The New You offers a hand-picked selection of seated exercises carefully designed for seniors of any age and flexibility level, which includes: Our Specialized Introductory Program for Absolute Beginners. This Program Takes You Step-By-Step to Help You Ease into The Chair Yoga Lifestyle Effortlessly.Our Dedicated Intermediate Program to Help You Accelerate Your Progress and Overcome Any Joint and Flexibility Issues.Our Exclusive Advanced Program to Challenge You Along Your Chair Yoga Journey and Drastically Change Not Only Your Body but Your Mind. (Recommended After 30 Days of Following the Intermediate Program)"Any housewife will know the struggle of finding time for herself after dealing with the chores of everyday life. After celebrating my 47th birthday, I thought it was time to start looking after myself, so I decided to pursue chair yoga using The New You book. After simply 20 minutes a day, I have seen unbelievable results. Not only do I feel better physically, I feel happier and more at ease mentally."

If, for any reason, you don't see drastic results within the first two weeks of applying The New You program to your life, Amazon offers an effortless money-back guarantee so you can send The New You back and get a full refund.

It's time to take action and take the first step into your new life. Are you ready to become The New You?

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ISBN: 9781806306510
ISBN-10: 1806306514
Publisher: Daniel Mason
Publication Date: February 11th, 2023
Pages: 146
Language: English