Alkaline Cookbook and Smoothie Recipes for Beginners: The essential guide to Alkaline Recipes and Juices for Weight Loss (Paperback)

Alkaline Cookbook and Smoothie Recipes for Beginners: The essential guide to Alkaline Recipes and Juices for Weight Loss By Nora J. Peterson Cover Image
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Do you find it difficult to shed those final few pounds? Are you sick of trying diets that don't work? Do you have a hectic life and have little time to prepare meals? If you said "yes," continue reading.

You can attempt the alkaline diet to maintain your lifestyle without going overboard with pricey meals and ingredients if you have tried every diet plan available and none of them have yet proven successful for you.

Try to read to discover some intriguing alkaline diet recipes and learn why you should give it a try

Are you still spending time and money by making a weekly trip to the grocery shop just to acquire pricy, unhealthy, and inappropriate items for your diet? Do you wish to keep these three essential elements for a healthy lifestyle?

Do you no longer like preparing dull, repetitious meals? Do you desire to sample delectable meals that you may have without ruining your diet?

Do you want for mouthwatering, freshly prepared meals every time you go home?

Do you require anything in order to follow the diet plan you have chosen?

If you've run into any of the aforementioned issues, this book will address them all and more, enabling you to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle without growing weary and sick of cooking and going grocery shopping only to make dinner.

This book contains the following:

Information about the alkaline diet

advantages of this diet

Questions and Answers about the Alkaline Diet

revivifying juices

The finest dishes using alkaline ingredients that you will adore

and a lot more


You believe that worrying over macronutrients and suffering through calorie counting is the only way to lose weight quickly.

This book is not for you if you are seeking for a miracle cure. The alkaline diet does not involve any effort at all and is not another type of "quick fix." It works quickly, but you have to be willing to put in the time.

You engage in the "blame game" rather than accepting accountability for the issues. The reality is that you are unwilling to put up any effort because you are too lazy to take any action to address the issue.

Start your alkaline diet today and start dropping more more weight than you have in months

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ISBN: 9781804317464
ISBN-10: 1804317462
Publisher: Nora J. Peterson
Publication Date: July 12th, 2022
Pages: 90
Language: English