Shipping Container Homes: The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Your DIY Shipping Container Home Exactly the Way You Want It. Including the Buildin (Paperback)

Shipping Container Homes: The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Your DIY Shipping Container Home Exactly the Way You Want It. Including the Buildin Cover Image
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Would you like to stop PAYING RENT every month and NEVER HAVE ANYTHING YOURS?

Are you worried you will have to spend your life-giving money to the banks, never finding yourself with something stable and just to be more serene?

Would you like to have YOUR OWN HOME, most ecologically and economically possible, regarding yourself and the planet, also reducing much waste?

If SO, then keep reading because this guide is perfect for you

Shipping Container Homes is the solution for you

In North America and Asia, container houses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering an EXCITING ALTERNATIVE to traditional constructions, mainly thanks to VERY COST-EFFECTIVE processing and assembly costs; converting a container into an apartment costs as much as 25% LESS THAN A CONCRETE BUILDING.

They are real homes, modern, flexible, recyclable, and expandable. This is demonstrated by the fact that many architects and designers have dedicated themselves to this structure, which lends itself well to a creative and functional design.

The most significant thing is that YOU CAN PROJECT, DESIGN, AND BUILD IT BY YOURSELF, and this guide will explain how to make it the perfect way

In particular, you will discover:

  • All the necessary steps to build a container house (for yourself or real estate) with 12 FLOOR PLANS, actual plans and illustrations.
  • The Pros & Cons Of Container Homes
  • The best approach to planning your project
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • How to Choose Good Shipping Containers
  • How to Clean, Prepare, and Isolate the Container

... & Lot More

This guide EXPLAINS STEP-BY-STEP THE CONSTRUCTION OF A CONTAINER HOME for beginners, how it can be done in the best, fastest, and cheapest way possible, giving you practical solutions on where and how to find the suitable materials.

After reading this book, you will no longer be confused about what steps are needed to make your dream come true.

It contains all the necessary and relevant information to create your project in absolute autonomy, making you SAVE TIME AND MONEY for each step. You will also be informed about any risks, how to solve and avoid them, even if you want to do it for real estate.

Your goal will be to no longer think about the usual expenses every month but try to create a solid future and solidarity with the environment by saying goodbye to your daily routine.

This will allow you to LIVE MORE SERENELY and, if you want, create a business at the same time durable and environmentally friendly.

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Publication Date: November 6th, 2021
Pages: 160
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