Treasures of Egypt: The Spear & the Scythe (Paperback)

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'A unique mythic adventure full of thrilling twists and heart-warming romance ' Cassandra Rose Clarke, author of Magic of Blood and Sea

What would one do for love? What would one do for Egypt? Desperation drives Nefiri Minu, apprentice to the Grand Vizier, to save her little brother by seeking Khafset, a young thief from the persecuted people of Hyksos. But his price to help heal her sick brother is to steal a divine spear from Ra's temple. However, by touching the spear, Nefiri unwittingly unleashes Set, the shackled God of Destruction, and starts a chain of events that threatens to plunge Egypt into chaos. To avert disaster, they are forced to navigate the realm of the gods and the dead, and face off against mythological creatures in a dangerous adventure Khafset insists on calling "The Grand Heist." Can this unlikely pair learn to trust each other? Will that trust turn their forced partnership into something more? On an adventure packed with secrets, hidden agendas, not to mention Gods and monsters, will Nefiri and Khafset succeed in their mission to save Egypt or will the very prejudices that have shaped their world threaten to tear them apart?

About the Author

Amr Saleh is an Egyptian-German author based in the vibrant city of Munich, Germany. He was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, a city teeming with tales of ancient wonders. He has always had a passion for storytelling, and this passion is fuelled by his hobbies, which include writing, diving into captivating stories in all their forms, traveling, and learning about geography and history.

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ISBN: 9781803416007
ISBN-10: 1803416009
Publisher: Our Street Books
Publication Date: October 1st, 2024
Pages: 400
Language: English