24 Hours with Gaspar (Hardcover)

24 Hours with Gaspar By Sabda Armandio, Lara Norgaard (Translated by) Cover Image
By Sabda Armandio, Lara Norgaard (Translated by)
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A breathtakingly imaginative futuristic crime thriller.
Decades into the future, Indonesia’s crowded capital city is underwater. A mysterious novelist searches what remains of the metropolis for the story of an old, infamous crime. He combs the streets for traces of Gaspar: private-eye-cum-criminal-mastermind who plotted a seemingly simple robbery of a jewelry store. Far from just unlocking riches, however, the heist unearths a series of interlinking conflicts that have haunted Gaspar since childhood.

In this brilliant twist of genres, this book combines noir with a laugh-out-loud detective and touches of surreal science fiction. The book’s eclectic blend of allusions and narrative strategies opens new horizons for literary crime fiction while also painting a fresh, postmodern portrait of Jakarta. In a city webbed by roadways and canals, personal vendettas trace back to political crimes and social ills. First impressions can’t be trusted, meta-literary motorbikes possess free will, and a senile witness might be a police detective’s best bet at finding the true whodunnit—if we are to believe that a single truth exists at all. It is a chess game in which your knight no longer moves in the shape of an L, and Gaspar intends to win.

About the Author

Sabda Armandio is an Indonesian novelist and short story writer. He is the author of Kamu and Dekat dan Nyaring. He lives in South Jakarta.

Lara Norgaard is an essayist and translator of Indonesian, Brazilian, and Latin American fiction. She lives in Massachusetts.

Praise For…

"In 24 Hours with Gaspar, Sabda Armandio’s engaging, happenstance-led thriller. . . . a stolen memory carries more value to a thief than all the jewels in the world."
— Foreword

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ISBN: 9781803092041
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Publisher: Seagull Books
Publication Date: May 6th, 2023
Pages: 184