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Would you like to learn the most practical and effective ways to teach students, from classroom management to proper ways to control your emotions? It is time that you learn the best ideas you can utilize today to make the best classroom for your students

This book bundle, We Learn to Teach, brings you different easy and quick management hacks, making your classroom the ideal place for all your students. Let this guide explain how to establish the perfect learning environment that makes rules, discipline, and consequences obsolete, no matter if you're a veteran teacher or a new one.

This book is all about putting the F word-FUN-into your entire teaching. You can rest assured that you will know how to do that while teaching your curriculums and meeting your standards after reading this.

We Learn How to Teach will show you the following:

Book 1: EFFECTIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: 7 Tricks to Be a Good Teacher. Use an Effective Classroom Discipline. A Cognitive, Behavioral, and Empathic Method to Overcome Anxiety and Discomfort

  • Ringing Voice
  • Smile and Direct Look
  • Movement
  • Direct Personal Interest (Knowledge)
  • Show Eye-Catching Images
  • To Relive (Evoke) Lived Moments and Emotions
  • Involvement
  • Daily Exercises (Teacher Activities)
  • Approach to Lessons

Book 2: LOVE CHILDREN EFFECTIVELY: A Guide to Be A Good Teacher, Learn How to Manage Your Emotions Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Set Your Emotions Free, and Offer Children Proper Education

  • What Meaning Does the Education of Children Represent Today?
  • What Relational Preparation Should A Third Millennium Teacher Have?
  • Let Them Fail
  • Praise Them Correctly
  • Kids' Social Skills
  • Behaviors
  • Other Repetitive Behaviors
  • Family Dynamics
  • Do Not Punish
  • Learn to Live Them Together
  • Love Children Effectively
  • What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
  • Strategies to Manage the Student's Anxiety, Stress, Depression, and Anger
  • Communication to Be Adopted With The Child
  • Anger

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ISBN: 9781802227772
ISBN-10: 1802227776
Publisher: Arthur MC Teachers
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English