Witchcraft: THIS BOOK INCLUDES: The Beginner Witch Modern Witchcraft for Beginners Herbal Witchcraft Witchcraft Supplies (Hardcover)

Witchcraft: THIS BOOK INCLUDES: The Beginner Witch Modern Witchcraft for Beginners Herbal Witchcraft Witchcraft Supplies Cover Image
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Are you intrigued by the world of Magic and Spells?Have you thought about how you can get started casting Spells but don't know where to start?If are you serious about getting started in the world of Magic and Spells and would like to find all of the information you need, you have come to the right place. In this book, you will find everything you need to get started. You already have the power lying within you and with this book, you will learn how to tap into that power and potential. This series includes:

The Beginner Witch:

This book presents a broad overview of general magical practices rooted in the bustling and diverse world of modern life. Among the many topics covered in these pages are some of the following:

- The different Magic Tools and altars, and their use and care

- The Art of Discernment

- The importance of Meditation for the Modern Witch with exercises

- Many spells

Modern Witchcraft for Beginners:

In this book, witches will find countless ways that they can connect their magical practice to their everyday life.They will also learn much more:

- What is Magic and how it works

- The Magic in the Modern World, how to bring technology into magic and how to find your Magical space

- Small Daily Magical Practices with your spell bags

- The divination, with tarot, pendulum and more

- Many spells

Herbal Witchcraft:

A self-respecting witch must know the power of herbs, oils and flowers to obtain the greatest benefits from the potions for her spells

In this book you will learn:

- The magical power of trees and flowers

- How to use essential oils in magic and how to prepare magical infusions and potions

- The household Magick in the kitchen

- The meditation and the mindfulness for the witch

- Many spells

Witchcraft supplies:

A witch who knows her tools is a witch who can put them to their full use.

This is a book focused solely on the tools you need to know when you begin your magical journey. And, as the world of magic is so vast, even experienced witches might learn something new from Witchcraft Supplies. Some of the topics this book covers include:

- How to cleanse your tools of negative and unwanted energy

- It will help you identify the best tools for the task you have in mind.

- An entire chapter dedicated to tools that any DIY-friendly witch can whip up between spells

- Divination tools

- The meditation and the visualization as a tool

This book will help you find all of that and more. The practicing witch Lisa S. Cunningham has several books on the subject of magic, each geared to a specific need. Every witch is welcome in these pages; every practice seen as part of the amazing constellation that is the modern magical community.

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ISBN: 9781801861137
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Publisher: Lisa S. Cunningham
Publication Date: February 10th, 2021
Pages: 526
Language: English