Coding and Cyber Security for Beginners: This Book Includes: "SQL Programming and Coding + SQL Coding for beginners + A Beginners Guide to Kali Linux (Hardcover)

Coding and Cyber Security for Beginners: This Book Includes:
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Sql Coding for Beginners

The truth is: SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. It is one of the most sought after and simple programming languages of our age.

SQL is lost behind a crowd of other, more popular programming languages such as C++, Python, Java etc.

There are many people who have used SQL and discarded its legitimacy as a programming language simply because of its user friendly interface and a limited number of functions. However, all true computer wiz's must know that no matter how developed and advanced third level programming languages such as C++ and Python are, it doesn't change the fact that SQL is also a programming language - a very resourceful one at that.

Sql Programming and Coding

The truth is: SQL stands for Structured Query Language. Many people scoff dubiously when it is announced that SQL is, indeed, a programming language.

When people think of programming languages, all that comes to their mind are C++, Python, Java etc, .

People disregard SQL as a programming language because of its interface structure and limited functionality.

However, they fail to understand that while C++, Python are third level programming languages, and hence more developed, it doesn't change the fact that SQL falls under the umbrella of programming languages.

A beginners guide to Kali Linux

Linux is an open source, as a result of which tool developers get an extra advantage.

Are you interested to learn about an operating system which is not only transparent but also can be manipulated in as many ways as possible? Read On to get well aware of one such OS, which is nothing but Linux.

Due to its flexibility, most of the cybersecurity tools are written to run on Linux.

Cybersecurity is the protection of every system which is connected through the internet, from any kind of cyber-attack.

This can include software, hardware and data. In computing terms, security is not only cybersecurity but also physical security. Both these mechanisms are used to safeguard against any kind of unauthorized access to computerized systems and data centers.

Any kind of information security which is designed

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