Ravioli Cookbook: A Great Selection of Delicious Ravioli Recipes (Paperback)

Ravioli Cookbook: A Great Selection of Delicious Ravioli Recipes By Sarah Miller Cover Image
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If you love eating Ravioli but cannot make it at home because it needs a lot of effort and time, this cookbook is here to save you. If you think that you need a MasterChef level of expertise to make ravioli, you're wrong. And this book is proof of that.

With some of the best recipes, this cookbook provides you with everything you need to know about making Ravioli. From making the dough to making the fillings, everything is explained in detail. Gone are the days when you thought that making Ravioli is not for amateurs. With a little help from this cookbook, patience, and love, anyone can make a delicious plate of Ravioli in their kitchen.

This cookbook has recipes that are easy and ideal for beginners as well as recipes that deserve a feature in food magazines. It has a wide range of Ravioli recipes with different and funky combinations. And these experimental recipes are the real gold. These different combinations of flavors hit together and taste divine.

We have a total of 30 recipes here, out of which 11 are dessert recipes. Yes 11 Ravioli dessert recipes Who said Ravioli is just a savory dish? For a person with a sweet tooth, this cookbook is a jackpot.

So, make your own Ravioli dishes in the comfort of your home without much work and a little guide from this cookbook. Enjoy

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Publication Date: June 6th, 2018
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