Forex & Day Trading: 4 Books In 1 The Ultimate Trading Guide for Beginners. Learn the Importance of Stock Market Moves and Swing Trading to (Hardcover)

Forex & Day Trading: 4 Books In 1 The Ultimate Trading Guide for Beginners. Learn the Importance of Stock Market Moves and Swing Trading to Cover Image
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Forex Trading and Day Trading

Get your hands on the best training source about the world's two top-notch trading methods to become a successful trader and a rich person.

Are you new in the trading business? Are you looking for the best and the most trusted source to learn about forex trading or day trading? Are you a beginner and do not know where to start? Are you afraid to lose your money to misguided trading methods? Do you want to automate your business to save your time and watch it grow? Read more to learn more about these two in one offer.

This two in one bundle offer books about forex trading and day trading. In these books, it is briefly explained how you can earn money through these two trading methods and why they should be preferred over other options of trading.

Forex trading is basically the trading of currencies to make money. It is a global business and can be done anywhere in the world. In this book, the strategies and guidance on forex trading have been provided.

The day trading means trading multiple stocks in a single day. It also has many technicalities and the book provide the full analysis of every aspect of the day trading.

Trading Benefits

Forex Trading

- It is a world-wide market that opens for 24 hours for 5 days a week.

- The costs of transactions are quite low.

- It provides better leverage than most of the trading options.

- The rising or falling prices bring potential to a good profit.

Day trading

- It allows multiple trades in a single day and helps avoid overnight risk.

- Day trading can provide you up to 4:1 leverage if you meet the criteria.

- It is quite an easy method, and a beginner can also do it easily.

- It is the fastest method to make money through trading.

You may have questions such as

- Why is it called Forex trading?

- How should I start as a beginner?

- Can I day trade the forex?

- What are the chances to lose money in both these trading methods?

- How much investment is needed to do these businesses?

- What is the difference between forex trading and day trading?

- Can both of these trading options be handled as a part-time business?

- Why should any of these options be preferred over others?

Well, this is your day, as both the books of forex trading and day trading answer all your questions and both are available now in 2 in 1 offer.

What you will learn in the books

- A step by step beginner guide in both the trading books.

- The Forex and day trading fundamentals.

- The hidden strategies to maximize the profit and minimize the loss of your passive income.

- The top quality analysis of the market and tactics to dominate the competition.

- How to enter the market as a beginner and give the experts a hard time.

- Different tools for a better analysis.

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ISBN: 9781801388535
ISBN-10: 1801388539
Publisher: Fabrizio d'Angelo
Publication Date: February 6th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English