Day Trading: The strategy Bible to Invest in Leveraging Options, Stocks, Forex, and Making the Most of Market Swings. The Ultimate (Paperback)

Day Trading: The strategy Bible to Invest in Leveraging Options, Stocks, Forex, and Making the Most of Market Swings. The Ultimate Cover Image
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Day Trading

You are just about to read the most trusted and reliable source of day trading to become rich and successful.

If you are new to the day trading business and want to know what day trading is? How it works, and how you can earn a lot of money with it? Why is it preferable over other trading methods? Do you want to see your hard-earned money grow through day trading? Read more to understand the basics of advanced aspects of day trading.

The book Day trading for beginners deals with all the necessary fundamentals of day trading. It briefly explains how it resembles other trading and investing methods and what makes it different from those styles. It is filled with different strategies and methods of day trading to become successful in this business.

This book is specifically written with a simple and step by step guide for beginners, like how and where to start, how to compete and win the market as a beginner, how to invest your hard-earned money to a trustable business, and how to be a successful day trader.

Advantages of Day Trading

Day trading has many advantages for you in the trading business.

- One of the main advantages that an investor has is that he can save himself from an overnight risk which means, his money is not exposed to unexpected situations.

- You will be your own boss.

- Day trading is best suitable for beginners because it is easy to start day trade as beginners.

- The day trading has the ability to provide you much better leverage like 4:1 leverage if you perfectly meet the criteria.

- Day trading allows you to multiple trades in a single day period, as you are trading so frequently.

- It is perfect to day trade in these times because of the free sources available on the internet.

- It helps you to make money fast and become a successful person in just a small period of time.

Now you may have questions like

- How to start as a beginner?

- What is the difference between day trading and swing trading?

- Does it also have the potential to help the existing traders?

- Is trading just gambling?

- How much money do I need to start the day trading?

- Can I day trade part-time?

- How much profit can I make from day trading?

If you have any of the above-mentioned questions in mind, then this is your lucky day because this book not only answers all the questions but also provide solutions to them with a step by step guide for beginners.

This book includes the below-mentioned content.

- Fundamentals of the day trading.

- A beginner's guide.

- Analysis of the technicalities of the stock market and the best time to enter the market.

- It teaches in-depth psychology of the day trading.

- The top-notch software and tools for day trading.

- How it works and how you can make money through it.

- A vision to develop the mindset for being a successful and rich person.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801388061
ISBN-10: 1801388067
Publisher: Fabrizio d'Angelo
Publication Date: January 29th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English