Programming for Beginners: 2 Books in 1: Linux for Beginners SQL for Beginners (Paperback)

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Are you even aware of the fact that you are using Linux almost every day?Are you thinking that you have no inkling of the Linux Operating System? Well... this is not the fact. You use it every day without even realizing it. The Linux servers are responsible for running Facebook, Twitter and even Google. It is also the operating system on which various other major internet sites run.Also, are you looking forward to learning how to easily query and update data?A lot of tech enthusiasts trying to develop web and mobile applications are not aware of the most important means of storing and modifying data.

Linux is quite synonymous with the cloud. If you intend to work on cloud-based projects, it is always good to learn Linux, especially the essentials.

While SQL is one of the most famous database query languages that have taken over almost three-fourths of the internet.

Learning SQL is a must for any developer nowadays and with the help of a good eBook, one can understand the basics very well.

A complete guide to start learning Linux and SQL is:

"Programming for beginners Volume 2 2 Books in 1: Linux for Beginners and SQL for Beginners" by Matthew Python.

Here's what you'll learn:

- What is Linux?

- What is SQL

- Getting started with Linux

- What is a Relational Database

- Database Security model

- Recovery models

- Choosing an SSH Client; Connecting via SSH with a password from various OS; Importing and generating SSH Keys on various OS; Connecting via Telnet; Connecting

- Backup techniques

- Download; install; configure; how to add Graphical user interface; how to add additional software; Troubleshooting; etc.

- How to select data

- Internet with Linux Directly

- How to update and delete data

- A brief explanation about control flow tools

...and much more

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