Crafting: This Book Includes: "Crochet For Beginners", "Knitting For Beginners", "Macramé", "Quilting For Beginners" Cultivate Y (Hardcover)

Crafting: This Book Includes:
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- Book 1 -

"CROCHET FOR BEGINNERS: A Complete And Easy Guide To Learn The Art Of Crochet With Pictures, Illustrations And Patterns For The Absolute


With this book you will learn:

✓ What is the crochet

✓ Benefits of crocheting

✓ How to read and understand crochet

✓ How to learn crochet basics step by step

✓ Essential materials and tools you need to crochet

✓ How to realize simple patterns

✓ Advanced techniques

✓ Crochet for left-handers

✓ Various types of crochet and how to create them

✓ Tips and tricks for crochet beginners

- Book 2 -

"KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS: The Guide On How To Learn Knitting Using Pictures, Illustration And Easy Patterns To Create Amazing Projects"

With this book you will learn:

✓ Brief History Of Knitting

✓ Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

✓ Essential Materials For knitting

✓ Knitting patterns for beginners

✓ Knitting patterns for experts

✓ Knitting techniques

✓ Understanding Terms and Abbreviation of Knitting

✓ Different kind of yarns and needles

✓ Knitting for left-handers

✓ Tips And Tricks

✓ Common Mistakes

✓ Benefits of knitting

- Book 3 -

"MACRAME: A Beginner's Guide To Learn Macram And Easy Modern Patterns And Projects"

With this book you will learn:

✓ What is Macram ?

✓ Macram History

✓ Necessary Tools And Materials To Start

✓ Basics Of Macram

✓ Specific Terminology

✓ How To Make A Basic And Semi-Basic Knot

- Book 4 -

"QUILTING FOR BEGINNERS: A Step-By-Step Guide To Learn Modern Quilting With Easy To Make Patterns"

With this book you will learn:

✓ How To Start Quilting

✓ The meaning of Quilting

✓ Basic Terminology

✓ Different Types of Quilts

✓ Learn The Basic Of Quilting

✓ Basic Quilt Patterns For Beginners

✓ Quilting Techniques For Beginners

✓ Tips and Tricks For Beginners

✓ Using Pre-Packed Materials

✓ How To Treat Your Quilt With Care

✓ Common Beginners Mistakes

After reading these guides, you will surely become a DIY master

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ISBN: 9781801138420
ISBN-10: 1801138427
Publisher: Madeline Stitch
Publication Date: December 4th, 2020
Pages: 476
Language: English