Macrame: A Beginner's Guide To Learn Macramè And Make Beautiful And Modern Patterns Easily (Hardcover)

Macrame: A Beginner's Guide To Learn Macramè And Make Beautiful And Modern Patterns Easily Cover Image
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Do you want to master the art of Macram ? Find out how to do it with this step by step guide

Macram is an ancient art that has survived over the centuries and has continued to thrive because is an amazing way to make sophisticated but fast and simple items, really incomparable.

The simple fact that you have decided to read this manual means that you are on your way to making something great. There is, indeed, a certain special and great satisfaction in crafting your own masterpieces.

Macram is also a useful idea if you desire to turn your dream into a business. In fact, when your skill has improved, you can try to sell your items as original gifts or create your own website where people can appreciate and buy them. Many people become very good in create Macram stuff like bracelets, which are the most appreciated items to buy. Macram presents the endless opportunity, actually.

This book is about the following topics:

✓ What is Macram ?

✓ Macram History

✓ Necessary Tools And Materials To Start

✓ Basics Of Macram

✓ Specific Terminology

✓ How To Make A Basic And Semi-Basic Knot

...And so much more

One of the extraordinary advantages of this leisure activity is that you can begin even though you never heard about it and you don't know anything about how it works.

It's an interesting activity, easy to learn, and full of tips for new and amazing ideas.

It's time to begin and, remember, keep practicing and you will surely keep getting better.

Welcome to a new, colorful world

Ready to start?

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781801138413
ISBN-10: 1801138419
Publisher: Madeline Stitch
Publication Date: December 4th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English