Sex for Couples: One Guide with Pictures on How to Talk Dirty, Naughty. Sexy Games, Gaming for Adults to Exploit Your Sexuality and You (Hardcover)

Sex for Couples: One Guide with Pictures on How to Talk Dirty, Naughty. Sexy Games, Gaming for Adults to Exploit Your Sexuality and You Cover Image
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If you are looking for an effective way for improving your sexual life, then keep reading...

The evolution of sex since the beginning of our life thousands of years ago, sex has always been a crucial part of our relationship and experiences with pleasure, in addition to being an important contributor to our romantic needs. It is also the most practical method by which we usually bring forward future generations of our kind. The way, techniques and concepts regulating sexual contact between the human race, however, have changed significantly over those thousands of years, and beyond our earlier comprehension. For instance, as recently as in the 1940s, it would have been offensive for a girl to publicly flirt a bikini or jean that reveals her butt's crease-line or even to wear a blouse that exposes much of her cleavage in public.

Today, seeing a girl walking down the street displaying her thong panties above her hip line or revealing her butt's crease-line just above offset pants is no unusual sight.

Similarly, it would have been humiliating a few decades ago to discuss one's sexual preferences openly or even to show one's pleasure in oral or anal sex.

Each man and woman today treat oral, anal and other forms of sex as a natural item and appropriate for their mutual pleasure.

Additionally, sexual positions and role handling in bed is also a must, as nowadays it is said to be effective in helping to give both partners the gratification needed that can lead to an orgasm or some form of sexual climax that satisfies each other.

This book covers the following topics:

- Erotic games

  • The techniques of tantra massage for beginners
  • How to talk dirty in an erotic way
  • Getting in the mood
  • Rules of the game
  • Sexual fantasies
  • The importance of foreplay
  • Ways to make you last longer in bed
  • Why there's need for sex and the use of different sex positions in a relationship

Although sexual evolution would probably have been a natural phenomenon, technological advances in videography, animation, and internet communication have made it quite easy for people to know more about sexual satisfaction, and to communicate with other people who have the same sexual desires, thousands of miles away and without much effort. Nevertheless, though new forms of sexual pleasure have changed, there is still a large section of women and men intentionally trapped in traditional sexual activities that often harm their relationships and marriages.

Typically, this is as a result of the fact that a woman or man would rather go outside the relationship to pursue sexual gratification if their respective partner prefers not to engage in modern-day sexual behavior, which they may find morally and/or culturally offensive.

That being the case, this book aims to help couples re-examine sexual gratification in a broader context so that they can be better informed, and by extension become a stronger aspect of their partner's sexual satisfaction. Yet let's use the next few pages of this book before we get started to take a quick, more open look at sex in its current form, today.

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