An Introduction to Hormones and Behavior (Paperback)

An Introduction to Hormones and Behavior Cover Image
By Karen Bales (Editor)
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An Introduction to Hormones and Behavior explores the ways in which hormones modulate behavior and vice versa. The volume focuses on the key principles of the topic and features original readings from classic studies, as well as more recent research, to provide students with a holistic understanding of the interplay of hormones and behavior.

The text begins with a chapter dedicated to endocrine principles and methods, then advances to discuss sexual differentiation, sex differences, and development. Later chapters address the distinctive characteristics and differences between male and female reproduction, as well as male and female parental behaviors. In the closing chapters, students learn about social behavior, stress, and how hormones influence human behavior. Each chapter features prewriting exercises, an introduction to provide context and background information, select readings, and critical thinking questions.

The revised first edition includes two new readings, "Testosterone and Cortisol Release among Spanish Soccer Fans Watching the 2010 World Cup Final" and "Hormones and Sleep."

An Introduction to Hormones and Behavior is an excellent resource for undergraduate and graduate courses in hormones and behavior, behavioral endocrinology, and physiological psychology.

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ISBN: 9781793534507
ISBN-10: 1793534500
Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 384
Language: English