Writing for Short Film: In the Hollywood style. In the European way. Archplot & Miniplot (Paperback)

Writing for Short Film: In the Hollywood style. In the European way. Archplot & Miniplot By Justin Von Tunzelman (Translator), Diego Fandos Cover Image
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Online courses based in the book: https: //www.writingforshortfilm.com/

This book will help you to write short films in different ways: the Hollywood (or classical) style, and the European form - 'miniplot' films where apparently nothing happens. Both options can result in beautiful films for the audience. But also boring ones. Here you'll find some tips to help you make them properly.

I've been teaching Screenwriting for 10 years. Every season I read tens of scripts that are soon converted into short films, so I see both my students' achievements and their failures. And my own. Here I talk about common mistakes that I see in class, on the internet and on the big screen.

The book includes 7 INTERVIEWS with successful screenwriters of feature films - Zdenek Sverak (Oscar winner with Kolya); Alejandro Hern ndez (Goya winner and co-writer of Amen bar) - and short films - Maryna Vroda (Cannes Palm d Or winner), Borja Cobeaga (Oscar nominated) and Carlos Violad , Roberto P rez Toledo and Kaveh Mazaheri, authors of short films that have achieved worldwide success.

You'll also find LINKS to 100 GREAT SHORT FILMS recommended by people from different countries and positions in the film world.Even if you don't have a budget, when beginning a project you have the same weapons as a blockbuster: two hands, a computer and your imagination. Nowadays you can make great small films with a few banknotes, it's all about the story and knowing what you can do.

About the Author
Diego Fandos is a Spanish filmmaker who works as Screenwriting instructor in Prague Film School. He has written and directed award winning short films (Under Pressure, Aurora), documentaries, commercials and the feature film Cosmos.

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