Dance and Authoritarianism: These Boots are Made for Dancing (Paperback)

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Everyone who watched the opening ceremony of Beijing’s 2008 Summer Olympics can understand the power of dance and mass movement in the service of politics. Public performance and festival at such scale are familiar to us in Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, and contemporary North Korea, but this new book addresses lesser-known examples—in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Iran, Croatia, and Uzbekistan—and explores the various political regimes that ruled them. 

Using dance as a lens through which to study political, ethnic, and gendered phenomena, Anthony Shay shows us how dance and mass movement have served as important political tools throughout history and across a variety of authoritarian regimes. Dance and Authoritarianism is a significant and original contribution to the scholarship at the intersection of dance, ethnology, anthropology, cultural studies, and history.

About the Author

Anthony Shay is professor of dance and cultural studies in the Theatre and Dance Department at Pomona College in California. 

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ISBN: 9781789383522
ISBN-10: 1789383528
Publisher: Intellect Ltd
Publication Date: March 18th, 2021
Pages: 312