Intention and Non-Doing in Therapeutic Bodywork (Paperback)

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Exploring the Buddhist/Taoist concept of non-doing and intention in relation to bodywork, this book focuses on how the therapist should approach their client without agenda and meet them where they are at. This requires the therapist to pay attention to their own surfacing intentions and leave assumptions behind so they may focus on simply 'being', which is a profoundly active, non-reactive expression of presence, rather than a passive state of resignation. The ramifications of sub-conscious doing and wilful intention can negatively impact expressions of health and so the author explains how therapists may skilfully navigate between intention, attention and embodied non-doing whilst treating clients, and how this creates the foundations for safe relational touch.

About the Author

Andy Pike is a registered physiotherapist (physical therapist), yoga therapist, breathwork teacher and biodynamic craniosacral therapist specialising in the treatment and management of clients affected by post traumatic stress. He has worked in various settings including hospitals, yoga schools, neurological care units, military outpatients, university clinics and private practices. Andy currently runs a health clinic in Queensland, Australia and teaches craniosacral and yoga therapy classes, workshops and seminars internationally. He is a senior tutor for Body Intelligence trainings where he tutors both undergraduate and postgraduate courses internationally ( He created the postgraduate seminar called Use of Intention & Non-Doing for Body Intelligence. Andy also facilitates 1-3 day Cranioga workshop retreats in Australia and New Zealand ( He has a YouTube channel called Cranioga by Barefoot Physio, and his website is You can listen to him being interviewed on the craniosacral podcast by Ryan Hallford (

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ISBN: 9781787758988
ISBN-10: 1787758982
Publisher: Singing Dragon
Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English