Virtues of War: A Virtues of War Novel (Mass Market)

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This is book number 1 in the Virtues of War series.


Lieutenant Katja Emmes is assigned to the fast-attack craft Rapier, joining a mission to investigate weapons smuggling activity between the Terran colonies of Sirius and Centauria. If true, this act of rebellion could escalate rapidly, and lead to all-out war.

When combat does erupt, its ferocity stuns the Terran forces, and pushes them to their limits. It tests the abilities of Lieutenant Emmes, as well, along with Sublieutenant Jack Mallory and Lieutenant Commander Thomas Kane, commanding officer of the Rapier. But failure is not acceptable.

They must defeat the enemy… by whatever means necessary.

About the Author

Bennett Coles served 15 years in the Canadian Navy as a bridge officer, boarding party officer, warfare officer, and navigator, and served a pair of tours in the Middle East as a UN Military Observer. A rising Canadian author, he led the maverick publisher Promontory Press, supporting Canadian and American writers.

Praise For…

“Tough-minded and distinctive” - Blogcritics

"A fast paced and action packed story that actually had me wanting to read more after finishing the novel. Also, his characters aren’t just remakes of past hero templates. Katja and the rest of the Rapier crew are become real and believable through Coles writing and, as a reader, I was quickly drawn into her journey from novice to hero." - Atomic Moo

"Engaging, imaginative in scope, and perhaps even relevant." -

"Fantastic space war action, mixed with seemingly current day thoughts." - Destiny Falls

"If you are someone who enjoys thrilling military action, fast-paced chaos or are a fan of military science fiction, then this is the book for you." - Geek Hard 

"High-energy, high-velocity, high-tech, throbbing with explosive action." - The Blood Shed 

"Talk about hitting the ground running. Coles doesn’t pull any punches. There’s no glamorization of war or battle – what this story provides is a clear and intelligent depiction of human beings and all the coping mechanisms that they develop to deal with the trauma and stress that can result from war. The fast-moving pace of the story is terrific and makes it an absolute pleasure to read." -Impedimenta

"By the end of the book, I found myself not wanting to put it down." - Pop Kernal

"The writing itself caught my interest and kept my eyes solidly on each page from start to finish. If you are a fan of solid military themed science fiction, this one is a great read" - Science

Product Details
ISBN: 9781783294213
ISBN-10: 1783294213
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: May 31st, 2016
Pages: 448
Language: English
Series: Virtues of War