Man, You Know I Got You: Why the Future of Men's Mental Health and Masculinity Are Not Man Up But Circle Up (Hardcover)

Man, You Know I Got You: Why the Future of Men's Mental Health and Masculinity Are Not Man Up But Circle Up Cover Image
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"Man, you know I got you " is said between the lines so many times, but we want to rip it from the page and plaster it in Times Square.

Man, I have got you. Seriously.

Men's mental health is in a crisis, and being told to "man up" isn't solving anything. Instead, we're inspiring a new generation of men to Circle Up. To commit to one another's mental health, growth and development. To find strength in community, righteousness of truth, and courage in vulnerability.

This book will challenge everything you think you know about mental health, and get to the core of why men suffer and why they don't have to.

Together, we can change men's mental health. It starts right here - Circle Up

Advanced Praise

"Jonathan is like a brother. And this conversation about men's mental health is near and dear to my heart. It's so important for men to know that they are not alone. I know Jonathan's work with Project Circle Up and this book will make a positive impact in the way men talk, think, and feel about their mental health and masculinity. This is a must read."

KURTIS GABRIEL, Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Player for the Toronto Maple Leafs

"Man, you know I got you' is a candid, emotional real take on men's mental health. Exploring narratives and hardships men often experience alone while providing a road map to wellness and healthy living we desperately need right now."

MIKE SHOREMAN, Mental Health Advocate, Award-Winning Speaker, Author and Athlete

"This book should be required reading for ALL men. Jonathan's powerful and vulnerable storytelling lifted a weight off my spirit and reminded me that I'm never alone in my struggles. This book will pave the way for the future of men's mental health discussions. Reading it was like speaking to a brother who truly loves and cares about you."

SAM DEMMA, Award-Winning Youth Speaker and Entrepreneur

"A great piece of work that provides solidarity around coping with mental health. Men tend to be more of a closed book when discussing these topics but 'Man, you know I got you' is a book you must open to feel the presence of an author who understands the world of mental health on an extremely relatable level."

COLE ROWDEN, CEO of Ethos Ventures

"As an Arab man, I find this text to not only encompass the hard pill our generation of men have had to swallow for decades, but a manual to discovering the strength in opening up to the real issues inside. Jonathan's art in expression makes him unique and relatable to millions of men across all walks of life, especially for those needing the assurance in knowing their feelings and struggles are valid. I pray that men get to share this text with one another knowing where real strength lies: together."

ALLY SALAMA, Forbes 30 Under 30, CEO EMPWR, Empathy Always Wins Podcast, Ex-

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ISBN: 9781777373641
ISBN-10: 1777373646
Publisher: Life to Paper Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 250
Language: English