Million Dollar Agents (Hardcover)

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How Top Real Estate Agents Really Create HIGH INCOME, WEALTH, AND INDEPENDENCE

"A rare and insightful view into how highly successful Real Estate Professionals create a balanced and prosperous lifestyle out of what can be a chaotic and highly unpredictable business. Written in a refreshing interview format that brings to life the unique systems and strategies of Agents that have truly made it in the Real Estate Industry."

Jillian Dobson


RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc., Brokerage

THIS BOOK IS the result of over fifteen years of travelling throughout both Canada and the United States and meeting, speaking and working with literally thousands of real estate agents. After working with some of the top agents in North America, there is a clear and definitive common thread that defines them. If you really take a close look at what we would refer to as the "top 10% of realtors" who are successful and prosperous, while there are differences, there are many profound similarities:

  • In how they structure their business,
  • Their strategies,
  • Their overall mindset and how they approach what they do.

This stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of agents who are struggling or just getting by barely making a living.

We have often said that "we have never met the five year old that decided they want to be a realtor when they grow up." Most come to real estate as a second or third profession and usually from vastly different backgrounds. Most agents start off in the same place with lots of unanticipated startup expenses and little or no business at the beginning. The ones who actually build a prosperous and successful real estate career with consistent income and a great lifestyle for their families have done so by discovering a few simple truths about the real estate business. Simple truths like how to manage themselves and their relationships.

They have done so in such a way as to navigate the journey from being a transactional agent perpetuating the feast-to-famine cycle, always

being at the whim of the economy and competing with every other agent in their market, to creating a systems-based business and taking back control over their business and their lives.

Ultimately, this book is about the journey from being a transactional agent to becoming a prosperous systems-based one where it is all about the lifestyle. What these agents interviewed in this book have done is make the real estate business work for them rather than the majority of agents who can be at the whim of what can be a wildly unpredictable and tumultuous business. In writing this book, we interviewed a broad cross section of the most successful agents and allowed them to tell their story with the ultimate goal of uncovering and sharing some of their "golden nuggets" of wisdom.

One of our favorite sayings is that "all the great truths in life are simple for if they were complex everyone would understand them." It is our intent to share some of these simple truths with you so that you too will have a rich and rewarding real estate career.

Phil Hollander & Dan Lok

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